Welcome to the Roger Williams Zoo

The Roger Williams Zoo was one of the first zoos ever to open in the U.S., and it was created in 1872. It opened with a group of tiny animal exhibits throughout Roger Williams Park in Providence. Environmental education and conservation were not even known at the time. The animals were just on display. Since that time, Roger Williams Park Zoo has grown in its mission and its number of exhibits. What began as a small collection of tiny animals on display just for entertainment purposes has evolved now into “New England’s great zoo”. That’s what the Boston Globe called it. It’s also one of the foremost centers for environmental education and conservation.







Look at the field notes of different biologists and learn about the land down under and more with an exhibit that features the culture and unique wildlife of Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. In this little corner of the globe, you’ll discover kangaroos right out of the outback, and some tinier kangaroos that even live up in trees. You can see what a side-necked turtle is, you can see an emu, and you can listen to the sounds of laughing kookaburra. Plus, you’ll meet gibbons and wallabies. There are some other animals in the exhibits that include northern tree shrews, Chinese alligators, binturongs,and babirusas.

Fabrics of Africa

You can go on a real safari and see exotic and rare species. You’ll learn how the animals, land, and people of Africa are connected to one another, and you’ll watch wild dogs, aoudads, wildebeests, and zebras in action. Then, you’ll get to see elephants in waterholes and giraffes sticking their necks up high to the trees. You’ll see how zookeepers care for these tremendous creatures in the giraffe and elephant pavilion.

Feinstein Junior Scholar Wetlands Trail

You’ll enjoy nature, unwind, and relax on this amazing quarter mile walking path through one of the most endangered habitats in Rhode Island. The wetlands are an amazing place to discover turtles, wood ducks, Canada geese, and great blue herons. You’ll be able to reflect and observe on your beautiful surrounds at stations that are interactive, including plant identification signs, artists’ easels, and cedar bird blinds.

Full Circle Farmyard

Come discover how farming practices have returned to basics. The techniques of yesteryear like compost, rain barrels, and beneficial insects are being used instead of chemical fertilizers, water irrigation, and controlling pest populations, respectively. It’s becoming much more prevalent on farms of all sizes to see these many different techniques. You’ll have fun with an interactive guide along the way named Fred the field mouse. You’ll also meet a miniature donkey, one of your many farmyard friends. There are all sorts of rare farm breeds, like chickens, rabbits, guinea hogs, and Nigerian dwarf goats.

Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard

Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard is a unique kind of nature exploration and play area for families and their children. There is an indoor activity area, and there is a unique place to trade items that you’ve picked up while seeing nature. The Backyard is the best play space, and it’s full of Play Partner volunteers that are specially trained. You’ll be able to explore the nature trail too, and you will have things to see, smell, hear, and touch.

Marco Polo’s Adventure Trek

You can follow Marco Polo around and see the many animals that Marco Polo might have seen in his travels like red pandas, red-crowned cranes, snow leopards, moon bears, and camels. These animals are seen in environments that are extreme, and they have adaptations that are extreme that help them survive.

North America

Discover the amazing creatures of North America. See bald eagles, harbor seals, bison, red wolves, and river otters. See them all in their stunning glory. Look at the animals that call our Continent home.

Tropical America

This is Rhode Island’s only rainforest. It features a very lush atmosphere, and you’ll come face to face with tamarins, saki monkeys, anacondas, bats, and flamingos. You’ll even see the giant anteater, and some of nature’s most amazing creatures.


Zoo Animals on Exhibit

  • Grant’s Zebra

    Grant’s Zebra

        Size: They have a height of between four to 4.5 feet tall. They have a weight of about 500 pounds. Diet: Their diet is mostly herbivorous. In the wild, and at the zoo,...

  • Red Wolf

    Red Wolf

        Size: They have a height of two feet. They have a length of four feet from the tip of their tail to the tip of their nose. The females have a weight of...

  • Wildebeest


    Size: They have a height of up to four to five feet tall at the shoulder. The females are three to five feet tall at the shoulder. They have a weight of between 400 and...

  • Chiloe Wigeon

    Chiloe Wigeon

    Size: These creatures have a height of between 17 and 21 inches. They have a weight of 2.1 pounds. The females can weigh up to 1.8 pounds. Diet: Their diet consists of vegetation and aquatic...

  • Parma Wallaby

    Parma Wallaby

    Size: They have a height of between 1.5 and two feet tall. They have a weight of between nine and 13 pounds. Diet: Their diet is mostly herbivorous. It consists of grasses and leaves. Geographic...

  • King Vulture

    King Vulture

    Size: They have a height of between 27 and 32 inches. They have a wingspan of between four and 5.5 feet. They have a weight of between six to ten pounds. Diet: Their diet consists...

  • Spotted Turtle

    Spotted Turtle

    Size: They have a length of between 3.5 and five inches. Diet: In the wild, they eat fish, tadpoles, spiders, slugs, worms, snails, salamanders, soft aquatic plants, and algae. At the zoo, they eat earthworms,...

  • Australian Side-Necked Turtle

    Australian Side-Necked Turtle

    Diet: Their diet consists of crustaceans, small fish, amphibians, and insects in the wild. At the zoo, it consists of mealworms, earth worms, earth feed, and turtle feed. Geographic Region: These turtles can be seen...

  • Asian Leaf Turtle

    Asian Leaf Turtle

    Size: These turtles can have a length of up to 9.5 inches. Diet: Their diet consists of vegetation, fruits, figs, and crickets in the wild. At the zoo, it consists of turtle feed. Geographic Region:...

  • South American Red-Footed Tortoise

    South American Red-Footed Tortoise

    Size: Their length is between 11.25 and 13.5 inches. Their weight is up to 30 pounds. Diet: Their diet consists of carrion, flowers, leaves, wild mushrooms, grasses, vines, and fallen fruits in the wild. At...

  • Radiated Tortoise

    Radiated Tortoise

    Size: They have a height and length of up 16 inches long. Diet: Their diet consists of cactus and fresh shoots in the wild. At the zoo, it’s dandelion. Geographic Region: These tortoises can be...